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Shildon Young Peoples Awards


Nominations are open for the Shildon Young Peoples Awards 2012/13!


find out more & download the forms...

Shildon Youth Council

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Shildon Youth Council


5 year, 0 week(s), 6 day(s) and 7 hour(s) old, we've already accomplished so much!


And we're nowhere near finished yet! We've just launched our new Community Chest


scheme, and we're actively working to find new projects in the area that we


notice other young people want to be sorted out!


Shildon Youth Council

what it is


The Youth Council was set-up by SCYPAN (Shildon's young persons charity) to give children and young people a voice in Shildon. We work closely with Shildon Town Council (as well as anyone else who can help!) to try our best to carry out changes or introduce projects that young people tell us they want.
So far, we've introduced new lighting into the Park, added sidings to preserve the Skate Park and make it safer, helped to organise the Young People's Awards and Shildon Young Voices events.
We've now finally installed our latest project, a "Youth Shelter" in the park; to give young people an enclosed area to relax.



The Shildon Yella


NEW Hackworth Park > Youth Shelter Installed


NEW SYC > Community Chest


Hackworth Park > Skate Ramp Upgrade


Hackworth Park > New Lighting


Youth groups in Shildon can apply for up to £75 from the Youth Council, where their applications will be judged solely by the young people.


Deadline: Applications Closed


Funded by 'Durham County Council's Elected Member Neighbourhood Budget'.

the Shildon Yella. Kids newspaper. By kids. For kids.

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the yella is a newspaper written by kids


... for kids! and it's written about four times a year...


... and it's sent to every home in and around Shildon free of charge!


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we write the yella for free, and use community news and contributions



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Even older issues:


9 (Dec '09)

8 (July '09)

7 (2nd April '09)

6 (2nd Jan '09)

5 (21st Oct '08)

4 (16th Dec '08)

3 (1st Feb '08)

2 (5th Dec '07)

1 (16th Aug '07)

Shildon Youth Council's Projects > Young People's Awards

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Now preparing for 2013's awards


Coming in Autumn 2013, we'll be hosting the Shildon Young


People's Awards for the third time. Keep an eye out for nomination forms


and other ways you can get involved, especially by sending your ideas to us.


Shildon Young People's Awards

what they are


From an idea by SCYPAN (Shildon Children & Young People's Action Network), the Shildon Young People's Awards were born. They recognise achievements of young people in and around Shildon, all brought together with an exciting presentation evening at the Shildon Civic Hall.
Nomination forms are now available, please see the links to the right to download them. Follow the instructions in the documents to submit your nominations - and give young people the recognition they deserve!

Idea Time!


We need your ideas to get more young


people involved next year, so that we have


EVEN MORE young people winning awards!


what do you think?

Want to nominate someone?


These are the forms you need...


Category Descriptions


Nomination Form

so you want to end us a message?

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We'd love to hear about what you think of our work, whether good or bad!


competition answers


Also, this is where you answer competition questions from the Yella!


Drop us e-mail with your name and answer!


how to get in touch


We'd love to get in touch on Facebook, and you can search


for "Shildon Youth Council" or click the link below...

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